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The simplest method growing aquatic orchids, absorbing harmful gases In air

The simplest method growing aquatic orchids, absorbing harmful gases air

* How to grow aquatic orchids you should pay attention to the steps in the following process:

Step 1: Separate the orchid from the potting soil gently and then soak the root ball in clean water for 2-3 days.

Step 2: After the roots are white, you need to remove all the dirt and soil in the roots (using tweezers or knife/scissors). Also, prune damaged or too long roots.

Step 3: Mix the nutrient solution with clean water, put it in the pot, gently place the plant in the pot so that the water is just enough to cover the roots. Aquatic orchid growing water must ensure no alum, no salt, no chlorine or acid.

The scientific name of the orchid is Spathiphyllum Wallisii, a tree belonging to the Araceae family. The plant is native to tropical South America and some Southeast Asian countries.

Features of the orchid plant
Orchid grows in bushes, 40-100cm high. The petioles grow from the base up, the shape is small and thin but reaching high. Leaves are oval, oblong, pointed at the tip like a lance, the surface of the leaf is ribbed, creating high aesthetics. The leaves are dark green, extremely shiny.

Orchid has the ability to grow strongly, spreading dust quickly. Can be propagated by branching. Plants that can live in many different environments, in the shade or outdoors, planted in soil or grown in aquatic plants can grow well.

The noble beauty of the Orchid tree is even more outstanding when it blooms. The peduncle of the orchid is quite long, the stem end contains a white or blue flower, surrounded by the bracts of the flower (also known as mo flower).

The flowers are white or white with a blue tint, embracing the shell-shaped flowers. Orchid can bloom 3-4 months to fade, extremely durable.
According to the recommendations of NASA - USA, growing orchids indoors, workplaces can absorb less harmful gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, xylene and toluene.

Placing the orchid pot on the table can also filter out the electronic waves emitted from computers, phones, laptops, electronics, ... and also ultraviolet and infrared rays. It is thanks to this effect that not only offices and houses but also hospitals often grow this plant.

In addition to exquisite beauty, elegance and excellent air conditioning ability.

* How to grow and care for orchids

Like other ornamental plants of the Araceae (Red) family, Orchid has a durable vitality, is easy to grow and easy to take care of.

- Planting land

The soil should be rich in nutrients, fertile, and well-drained. The soil mixture for growing orchids includes: sandy soil or light soil + coir + peat and organic fertilizer.

- Sprinklers

Note, this green plant does not tolerate moisture, so we only need to water just enough, nor should we water it often. Watering cycle for plants is once a week. When it is cold or rainy, the amount of water will be reduced or the watering time can be extended every 10 days.

- Light

Orchid can live well in shade, low light or fluorescent light. However, in order for the plants to grow well and the flowers to bloom more beautifully, you need to pay attention to the plants "drying in the sun" 2-3 times a week. Note that the plants are allowed to dry in the sun before 10 am.

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